My current worries….

As I chatted to my mum on the phone last night I found myself getting more and more worked up about not having received my DBS through yet. I feel like it’s spoiling my summer to some degree, it is always at the back of my mind. It was received by DBS on 18 June, which will be a whopping 7 weeks on thursday! When I read that other people got theirs back within a week this really doesn’t help! Mine is stuck at stage 4. This is the police. I called DBS who have an automated message saying stage 4 can take up to 60 days to complete. The fact that there is an automated message suggests that this is common, but it still frustrates me. I spoke to an actual human who told me that for me, 60 days takes me to 23rd Aug. She said if it isn’t done by then they can push the police to actually do it which can take a further 10 days. This takes us to 2nd Sep! Ahhhhh! I want to scream.

I phoned up my uni who seemed to have never come across this situation before but just said to keep them informed.

I am annoyed because I was initially told that my current DBS check would suffice, having being done through the same local authority that I will do my School Direct placement with. Had I been told this wasn’t the case back in November 2014 when I was offered the place, this could all have been taken care of last year!

So now I am worrying about money too. I am reliant upon the grants and bursaries that I qualify for, but I suspect that until I receive an unconditional offer, these finances will remain on hold.

These worries have replaced my old ones…..about balancing being a good mum, good wife and good trainee teacher……for now!


2 thoughts on “My current worries….

  1. Oh dear, I can understand your worrying. Mine only came through last week but I am still waiting on my Uni. Transcript! Then I need to and pay on the train just to hand them over for them to check haha. I know you’re worried but I am sure you will be fine. I think its gets busier around this time and takes more time to complete unfortunately.

    As for finances, I think if you went through the Student Loans Company, you will get the funding, even grants anyway, as your UNI should still let you attend the lectures and sign in (but obv can’t do any placements yet).

    I hope things work out soon for you, still plenty of time to go!


  2. My uni had 2 drop in days, one in July which I couldn’t make, and one in August which I will make…but this is at the end of August and I am also worried that I wont receive my finance on time!


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