What made you smile today?

As a prospective PGCE student I have spent a lot of time reading through forums of current PGCE students, NQT’s and long standing teachers.

One piece of advice has really stuck with me. Amongst all the negativity and the stress, the marking, planning and assessments: someone reminded others that we should always remember why we do this job. Their advice was to take note of one moment each day that really makes you smile.

I tried this whilst I was a TA and liked it, I found that often it can be a really simple moment of a child noticing something or telling you something.

I decided to apply this to my day yesterday and I thought of one moment with each of my children.

Yesterday we visited a museum and art gallery. When viewing the art, my daughter asked “does it change?” Not understanding her question, I offered a few answers but could see the frustration in her expression as I wasn’t  saying the right thing and she wasn’t able to explain the question any further herself! She kind of switches off in situations like this where she feels misunderstood so I didn’t push things. Several minutes later as we had progressed from a piece of art done in the 1900’s to one done in 2010 the clouds disappeared and she looked much more relaxed. She had found the answer to her own question. She noticed the brighter colours and the modern clothes on the child in the picture and happily concluded that yes indeed, art had changed over the years. It made me smile to see her finding answers to her own questions and to see her clouds lift.

In the same museum my son met a ticinosuchus. A dinosour to you and me. He listened with interest to the recorded message telling him facts about the jurrasic world. Seeing the way his face lit up with sheer delight as he listened made me smile.

Simple moments. Moments that happen all the time. Moments that we can so easily miss.

Take a moment to reflect on what makes you smile as you go through the day today. And as you go through each day with the children you work with or people you care about.


One thought on “What made you smile today?

  1. You are an inspiration to me. I sometimes struggle juggling everything I need to do, in my head and in life and I haven’t got half as much to do then you have. It puts things into perspective. Sometimes I worry for the sake of worrying instead of doing something about it.
    I will enjoy reading this ☺️ xx


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