The big days

It’s typical, and bear with me: the relevance will show…….The one day that I have a wedding to go to (that of my lovely friend who, like I intend to do, has gone from nursery practitioner to teacher) and my son was making noises throughout the early hours of the morning and preventing me from sleeping well. He then jumped straight out of bed at 7:45am. Yes this is far later than my school day start time of 6am, and not particularly early at all, but considering it is the school holidays it would be so nice to have a lie in when I will be out til the early hours of the morning, especially as I had only just got back to sleep after his disturbed sleep. Let’s hope tonight brings peace for all of us, for the 4 or 5 hours I’ll get. But before that I intend to have a good boogie with some old friends at the wedding of the year!

This brings me to the connection with being a teacher. You can guarantee that your children will impact like this on all the important days. Ofsted for example. Back in my days as a Deputy Nursery Manager my daughter got chicken pox when Ofsted were in. More recently when I was a TA and it was inspection time again but my son was poorly this time and we were up with a sick bucket! I’m sure my daughter had ear ache on an inspection day back in 2013 too. (I’ve been through so many inspections over the years). Luckily for us, my mother and father in law live around the corner and are very accomodating. But leaving your poorly child whilst you go to work is never easy.
It’s all part and parcel of managing home and work life but I do wonder why it’s always these big days when it all happens at once!


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