All change

Preparing for the next year has been more of a psychological experience than a physical one so far. I will go from working part time, term time and having the luxury of spending every afternoon with my youngest child and being able to collect my eldest child from school every day to working full time and completing the PGCE. No more breaking my back pushing the bikes to school so they can ride back through the woods. No more chatting to other Mum’s and Dad’s outside the school gates. No more easy opportunities for their friends to come for tea after school or nursery. Probably worst of all: No more being the 1st one to hear stories from the days events.

All these thoughts are really hard to digest and don’t sit well with my maternal instincts. So I have spent about 12 months coming to terms with all this. Because I do want to teach. And I do think I can make it work. I tell myself I have been lucky to have what I’ve had for so long. I tell myself I could be working full time with only 4 weeks annual leave. At least I get those extra holidays with my children even if I am working in part.

The other psychological thing I am doing is to relax! I have seen lots of posts about pre-course reading, however I am taking words of advice from someone who has lived the PGCE experience and I am therefore reading novels. Not novels that are related to teaching in any way. Just books I like the sound of. The point to this is that come September my life will no longer be my own. I won’t have time for reading for pleasure. So I am doing it now. My favourites from the last few months have been ‘The ice twins’ by S K Tremayne, ‘No second chance’ by Harlan Coben and ‘Still Alice’ by Lisa Genova.

There was a time when I did what others are doing and prepared for the course with some relevant reading. When I started my degree in 2010 I was pregnant, so in anticipation of study time lost when my baby arrived, when I went to Cornwall on holiday I read ‘Young Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development’ by Marion Dowling. This was a very worthwhile read but I now know how much I missed reading for pleasure over my degree years so I am making the most of this opportunity. I have even set up a facebook Book Club to share my passion with other like minded people.

Having said all this, I suppose becoming a trainee teacher is just in my blood, because I have very recently joined Twitter. This is great because I have started to build up a network of likeminded people and am loving the ease at which I am able to find links to blogs and interesting articles and documents. So despite not setting out to intentionally read education related materials I find I am doing just that!

And physically speaking, I have yet to buy a planner or diary of some type. I have files to buy too but this can wait! My husband and I have transformed the spare room into a light and airy office space. So no more working at the dining room table as I did for my degree. That looks to the outsider like the biggest transformation in our world. But I promise it’s my mindset, my acceptance of this new chapter I am about to step into.


One thought on “All change

  1. Well finally got round to reading your blog, as I said I wanted to read it properly and take it in (?!) I enjoyed it, it’s very good, I read your most recent one first cos didn’t realise the first one was at the bottom 😳
    I’m expecting some fraught, tense, worrying conversations with you but am sure you’ll get through fine and be an amazing teacher in a year’s time. Love you xx


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