5% of children cannot read. Not on my shift.

Today I learnt that 5% of children leave primary school unable to read.
5% also leave high school unable to read.
Therefore showing that if they slip through the net at primary they will never learn to read 😥
5% is 5% too many.
To some it may sound like a small number. In real terms, 5% equates to 29,000 children.

We should appreciate the problem: English speaking children have a lot to learn.
In Spain they have the same alphabet as us: the same amount of letters.
However they have 24 speech sounds, we have 44.
But the really shocking figure is this: they have 29 graphemes (the sounds written down). We have over 150.
Wow! What a comparison. We really should congratulate ourselves for mastering this complex code!

So today my placement school trained it’s staff in Ruth Miskins “Read, Write, Inc”, a programme which claims that when implemented properly, no child will slip through the net.

The wonderful teacher I worked with at my previous school was passionate about this scheme and I am too.
I am excited to be part of it from the very beginning.

It was a lot to take in today. But the scheme is very prescriptive and I hope that as I start to use it to teach phonics, reading, writing and spelling it soon becomes second nature.


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