Start of Term

So much has happened over the last 9 days. I could sum it up as follows…

We need food!
Being there for my own children
Behaviour for learning
Where do I belong?
Welcome Home!
Friday night research
New Friends

And maybe I need to start blogging in little snippets, bullet points or notes… maybe that would be easier to maintain. A little more detail might be helpful though in terms of my own reflection, because when I’m looking at this as an NQT I want to remember some key points.
So I’ll start with considering the first few points, up to and including the children starting at my placement school.

Last thursday and friday were spent organising the classroom because new resources and furniture had arrived, much of this related to the 2 year old places now being offered at the school. Teamwork is key and is clearly there in abundance at my placement school.
So I spent the end of term at my previous school organising the environment for this term, and the beginning of this term doing the same! This made me consider when I would do this myself. There are benefits to both. Do it in July and you know you’re prepared, you can finish aspects off in summer when there are no children if you need more time. But do it in Sep and the reasons behind your classroom design will be fresh in your memory and clear to prople like me who are new to the school.

Alongside this the class teacher met with every single parent and child who would start the following week. This took two whole days but was a worthwhile exercise in getting to know the families. It is the first time I’ve seen it done this way and it works really well because the information you receive from parents is up to date and the children don’t have to wait all summer to return to school (a point that my own son actually commented on when he said “I’ve been twice and they still won’t let me start!!)

September is the party month for us. Many of my daughters friends have birthdays so in anticipation of this I had already purchased some of their presents over the summer. Note to self…get them ALL next year. The first party this year included a sleep over so this gave us quality time with our son and reminded us that life is so much simpler with only one child in the house. I actually finished my book. It’s a good job because I can’t see me finding time to read from now on.

We need food!
Finding time to buy the groceries. When is it best to do this? Should we do more online shopping? Possibly but we’ve recently started using Aldi more and find their products so much cheaper and many are actually better than branded items. It looks like I’ll be fitting Aldi in at the weekend for tge 2nd week running which is highly frustrating so I might try to aim for thursdays after training / school instead.

Being there for my own children
Monday was a big day for us. My son started school and my daughter moved into juniors.  My son loved it. He has been waiting for this day for years and is more than ready. It will be interesting to watch his journey through reception as I also embark on my own!
My daughter is also happy with her new class, but she was the more anxious. It is worth remembering this as a training teacher because it’s easy to think the younger child would be more unsettled. My daughter was anxious about where to put her belongings and as her best friend has moved schools I think she is trying to establish where she sits in the social circles at school.

The children started at my placement school. Woo hoo!!
The 1st day we o ly had children who are new to the school, of which we have 9. The 2nd day included the children who previously attended the school nursery so this increased the numbers to 26. There should be 2 more but these never materialised. A common occurence in an area with lots of movement if families. The group seemed to bond really well and I felt like over the two days I began to form good professional relationships with the children. A high priorty was given to PSE development, allowing children to explore their new environment through play whilst also establishing routines early. A high percentage speak english as an additional language but despite this, many of them do already have a good understanding of English, very possibly due to attending nursery and maybe showing how nursery supports children with “school readiness”.

I need to take a break now so I’ll comment on the other points in my next post.


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