End of week 2 as a School Direct Student

I was beginning to feel very at ease in my surroundings at my new placement school and then I had to stay away for 5 days!

A day at the training centre, 2 at uni and 2 for the weekend (which obviously I wouldn’t be without!)


So wednesday was a training day all around behaviour. My prior thoughts on this were that I’ve done loads of behaviour management training but in reality this was different. It felt more psychological which is right up my street. The current term is “behaviour for learning”. This I believe, suggests that the children take more responsibility wheras behaviour management sounds very adult directed. I will now find myself saying ‘I need you to…. thank you” rather than “please could you…”
Still polite but more direct.
Choices (albeit choice between the teachers choice of options) and genuine, specific praise were certainly the key.

We had safeguarding training as a twighlight session along with the staff of one of our alliance schools. This was thorough and informative.


This was to become the theme of our 2 days in uni. It will be the topic of our first assignment which is due in on 4th January.
I am considering the specific area of Baseline Assessment in the reception class as I hope this will develop my understanding of this new development in schools so that when I attend interviews I know what I’m talking about!

Where do I belong?
Whilst leaving uni on the second day there I had a sudden feeling of “not belonging”. I had initially felt like part of the EYFS team at my placement school, then after being re-acquainted with my fellow trainees I felt like we were all in this boat together. Finally at uni I am in a new group of people from a variety of alliances. It’s like getting 3 new jobs at once!

Welcome Home!
Arriving home from uni I was greeted by my 7 year old before I even got in the house. She very animatedly told me that her brother had fallen and bust his nose. Oh and I was ready to relax….She too needed my attention, we had cuddles on the sofa whilst she recounted the girlish events of a day on juniors… the fallings out, the she said this, I said that… oh the joys of little girls!

Friday night research
With my husband out with his friends and the children in bed, rather than taking the opportunity to catch up on the soaps like I usually would, this week I was very sensible and dug out the laptop. I did have “Educating Cardiff” on as I downloaded lots of journals in preparation for my assignment writing. I refuse to still be doing this at Christmas.

New Friends
As my son talked about the new friends he had made at school this week, I told him about mine too. I might not quite fit in to one circle of people yet but I have definitely started to bond and click with a few people, either professionally or socially.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend after a very busy second week.


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