Where do the training sessions fit in?

Learning about phonics and guided reading last week was interesting and it felt like we were given a lot of information, but implementing what we learn isn’t necessarily going to happen straight away.

For one thing, the schemes may be conflicting, for example we were taught about phonics and the trainer repeatedly refered to the Letters and Sounds (L&S)strategy of teaching.

The school I am in use Read, Write Inc. (RWI).

So the trainer last week explained that we should use letter names with L&S eg Ay, Bee, See as soon as possible, so you’d say “the letter Ay makes the phoneme ‘a'”.
Wheras in RWI we are not introducing letter names until children are very secure with the sounds and with blending and segmenting.
There were other clear differences too.

It is good to get to grips with both schemes as I don’t know what they’ll be using in the school where I end up working (fingers crossed I get a job!).

Additionally though, even if we wanted to, we can’t go in to a class and change everything when we are only there on placement.

So I’m wondering if we should just box things up and keep them for next year.

My current placement teacher is keen to hear what was said in my training sessions so maybe there will be elements we can use, but my life just feels a bit disjointed. I look forwards to being able to one day feel confident saying “yes I love that idea, that’s how we will do it!”


One thought on “Where do the training sessions fit in?

  1. We had our Phonics session this week as well – and L&S was introduced to us but we are aware of other schemes out there. There is no ONE best scheme it just depends on the school and its pupils really. We also learnt about Analytical phonics which also has its values just not approved by this government.

    As long as we teach Phonics systematically in an engaging way, the children will reap the benefits whichever scheme is used. It’s good to lay hands on as much resources as possible during this training year when we have access to tutors and libraries!


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